Popular Home Designs for a Minimalist Lifestyle

Popular Home Designs for a Minimalist Lifestyle

A simple lifestyle

To some people, minimalism lifestyle is a way of living a happy life and freedom. The main idea behind these simple a home design is having things that only benefit and enhance your life. In essence, a minimalist home has unique characteristics such as minimal furniture, accent decorations, clear surfaces, and prefers quality over quantity. The following are simple designs for a minimalist house.

Small house designs

The Eco-Friendly Kit House



This popular design is comprised of any length with 20-inch interior width and 8-inch side walls. With these measurements, you can also design other varieties. Normally, these types of homes use solar heating that is placed in the windows of the south facing walls. Besides, you can give the house a timber-framed look by using structural long posts along the window walls.

The Taieri Mouth Bach Design


This simple design was the work of Mason & Wales Architects. The inspiration of this design is derived from the original fishing huts found at the mouth of Taieri River. It is often hand built using cheap materials and its gabled shape enables quick construction.

Tuath Na Mara Design

Tuath Na Mara Home


This minimalistic design was developed by MacGabhann Architects. It has a perfect setting thus depicting a modern appearance. This design fits well in the country side since it consists of dark elements. These dark elements help to bring out the beauty of the sceneries close to the house.

The Keret House Design


Karet House REnderingIt is a unique architectural design that supports the theme of living small. It was designed by Jakub Szczesny. The measurements of this house include only 152 centimeters width while the narrowest end is approximately 92 centimeters. Among the smallest house in the world, this design takes the number one spot.

The black shade design

Black Shade hand REndering


This design is a form of a cottage that was developed by Rural Design Architects. It consists of a corrugated roof and black spruce. The entry is made up of natural wood. It looks like a “low-pitched gable roof protecting a rectangular building. This cottage looking structure has polished-concrete floor with the bedroom and bathroom located at the entrance end. It has heavy drapes at the living room that can be converted into a guest bedroom.

The living church design

Found in the Netherlands, and designed by Zecc Architects, the living church is an example of a minimalistic house that was nominated for the Design Award in 2008. Including only the least number of essentials, the design of the church has helped open up space inside.

Bare minimum

The minimalistic lifestyle is one where you don’t keep a lot of stuff in your house or home. A minimalist will choose very few things that he or she loves and uses most often. A minimalist will do away with anything that will distract his comfort in the house. They love living the moment. In short, the following can summarize what minimalism in its entirety means, “Minimalism in its true form detests anything but the bare minimum.