My Story

Damian O'Sullivan

This blog is intended for anyone with an interest in architectural design and the impact it can make. It is my belief that design and architecture have relevance to all of our lives. The elements of design in architecture have a big influence on the way we live our lives, the sort of buildings we work in and the places we choose to visit.

Architectural design has a great many fascinating elements and can involve a whole range of styles. It is an important part of the restoration and preservation of older properties and for making the best use of space in a contemporary building.

An architecture designer can create interiors and exteriors that will reflect vernacular or traditional styles and can give a new building a classic or a contemporary look.

Textures, colors and decorative elements are all part of architectural design, but so too are the practical issues. A design might need to work with the very latest advances in technology or one that incorporates environmental factors, such as the use of locally sourced natural materials and energy efficiency.

As an architectural designer I want to inspire people with this blog by sharing my ideas about design and showing examples of what can be achieved.